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PCV7Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine
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In Japan, PCV7 vaccination was introduced for children < 5 years of age in November 2010 by the Provisional Fund for the Urgent Promotion of Vaccination.
1, the introduction of PCV7 in SA in 2009, followed by PCV13 in 2011, led not only to a dramatic reduction in penicillin- (82%) and ceftriaxone-resistant (85%) pneumococcal infections, but also to multidrug-resistant (MDR) disease (84%).
None of these children received PCV7 before their 5th year anniversary.
At the end of the study, when the diagnoses were confirmed by medical-record review, the risk of Kawasaki disease in the 28 days following PCV7 was 1 per 100,000 doses and 2 per 100,000 doses of PCV13.
We report the effect of switching from PCV7 to PCV10 on IPD incidence in the Netherlands.
After PCV7 was made available, the incidence of meningitis decreased by 64 percent in children, and by 54 percent in older adults.
In Alaskan children, IPD rates have fallen dramatically since the introduction of PCV7 in 2001.
Routine infant immunisation with PCV7 began in the USA in 2000.
Abstract #572: Immunity to Serogroups 6 and 19 by CRM197-based PCV7 and PCV13: The Relative Importance of Direct and Cross Protection
Data from the ABCs PCV7 vaccine effectiveness study conducted when a vaccine shortage resulted in substantial numbers of children receiving <4 doses of vaccine provided information on partial schedules that supported licensure of 3-dose schedules in the United Kingdom and other countries.
Cost of Vaccines for Immunizing a Child Through to Adolescence, British Columbia, 2009 Age Vaccine(s) 2 mo DPT-Polio/Hib, PCV7, MenC, Hepatitis B 4 mo DPT-Polio/Hib, PCV7, Hepatitis B 6 mo DPT-Polio/Hib, Hepatitis B Influenza (2 doses, to 23 mos only) 12 mo MMR, MenC, Varicella, PCV7 18 mo DPT-Polio/Hib, MMR 4-6 years DPT-Polio 11 years HPV (3 doses, girls only) 14-16 years dTaP TOTAL COST (2009$) $451 (boy), $806 (girl) Data provided by M.