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PCARDPurchasing Card
PCARDPrimary Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (India)
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Sistem PCARD temelji na merjenju EKG-signala, ki vkljucuje pomembne informacije o svetovnem zdravstvenem stanju.
We were looking for a solution that would correctly classify and consolidate data from a lot of different payment mechanisms, from PCard to Purchase Order," said Pete Roberts, director, procurement at Vulcan Materials.
PCaRD is a pedagogical model that aids teachers in incorporating games in classrooms to achieve curricular goals and facilitate students' engagement in academic domains (Foster & Shah, 2012).
TEI believes that a solution was close at hand; we request an update on the status of the pcard project and a commitment to finalize this more efficient alternative to CRA Notice 199.
FTIR of the pure PCard and of the PCard blended with 15 phr of Pani*[H.
With SciQuest's pCard (purchasing card) Marketplace, the schools will benefit from collaborative procurement that improves buyer power and provides greater insight into spending.
Newest Version of SciQuest Enables Collaborative Procurement across Consortia, Multi-Business Units and pCard Marketplaces, Driving Improved Purchasing Efficiency and Reduced Spending
Thought Leadership - Procurement Strategy sessions on cooperative purchasing, pCard debate and spend analytics.
The Memorial Hermann Healthcare Procure-to-Pay (P2P) initiative includes both e-Invoicing and the use of Pcard Buyer Initiated Payment.
The Contractor shall designate representatives who will coordinate with the Airports Authority%s PCard Administrator and travel coordinator.
New pCard Feature Enables Recipient Authentication and Access Control