PDAMPerusahaan Daerah Air Minum (Indonesian regional water utility company)
PDAMProposed Draft Amendment
PDAMPipeline Defect Assessment Manual (oil industry)
PDAMPrecision Direct Attack Munition
PDAMPlum TV Digital Asset Manager
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The first is organized by the government through PDAM and several private companies, while the latter is organized by the community independently, either independently or in groups.
On the third day of the event, a field trip was conducted to Parapat Sewage Water Treatment of PDAM Tirtanadi to investigate the low uptake of sanitation and sewage treatment (capacity 2000 homes while uptake is by around 300 homes) in Lake Toba (Indonesian: Danau Toba), Parapat, Indonesia.
Distribution of organizations represented by respondents is BAPPEDA (30%), Office of Public Works (20%) and PDAM (15%).
Yet, the lack of a water charge adjustment, the risk on retained collection from the customers upon PDAM DKI Jakarta actions and the less diversified raw water supply are limiting rating factors, the agency added.
When first privatized in 1998, PDAM Jakarta (PAM JAYA) (a public water utility ewned by the city government) has [sic] approximately 3.
can be optimally constructed in the PDAM model requiring O(m/DB) [log.
The solution will help PDAM Malang reduce non-revenue water through real-time data logging and pressure detection on each meter.
Request for Proposal for Consultant for Detail Engineering Design of Optimization/Uprating of Water Treatment Plant PDAM Kab.
CH2M HILL has committed to operate the plant and provide especially valuable training to water to PDAM staff.
No fewer than 100 families in the subdistrict now have access to clean water from municipal tap-water company PDAM through installed pipes.
Regional administrations then have full authority to regulate and distribute clean water through units of PDAM.
To improve the service scope of PDAM Lamongan Regency.