PDAMPerusahaan Daerah Air Minum (Indonesian regional water utility company)
PDAMProposed Draft Amendment
PDAMPipeline Defect Assessment Manual (oil industry)
PDAMPrecision Direct Attack Munition
PDAMPlum TV Digital Asset Manager
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The Purpose of this activity is to to prepare detail design of up-rating WTP PDAM Sukoharjo IPA Pondok.
Presently the capacity of water supply system is managing by PDAM Sukoharjo is 262,5 l/s, serve 17.
When first privatized in 1998, PDAM Jakarta (PAM JAYA) (a public water utility ewned by the city government) has [sic] approximately 3.
Itron is providing an end-to-end solution that will monitor PDAM Malang's distribution network at 39 district metering points to help identify potential areas of unusual consumption and network losses using enhanced leak detection capabilities, real-time consumption data and text message alerts.
Ali units of PDAM are members of the Indonesian Association of Drinking Water Companies (PERPAMSI).
1 trillion will be needed to increase the supplying capacity of PDAM to that level from 90,000 m3 per second at present.
2,000 square meters of land for the plant will be acquired by PDAM Klungkung.
Indebted PDAM is not yet expected to be able to raise that much money with a debt of Rp 4.
Under the deal with PDAM Tangerang, PT Moya Indonesia will be responsible for the design, construction, upgrade, uprate, operate and transfer of a fresh water treatment complex and related network development, which will offer clean water supply for Tangerang City.
The cooperation venture between the Citra Group and the Tangerang Drinking Water Company (PDAM) was also cancelled by PDAM.
According to Moya, the contract signed with the Indonesian municipal authority PDAM Tangerang features design, build, upgrade, uprate, operate and transfer of a fresh water treatment complex as well as network development, facilitating supply of clean water for Tangerang City, Indonesia.
PlantStar PDAMs can be used by molders wishing to develop their own process-monitoring systems using a SCADA software package.