PDAPPalmer Drug Abuse Program (Houston, TX)
PDAPProspero Data Access Protocol
PDAPPersonal Digital Assistant Profile
PDAPPhilippine Development Assistance Programme
PDAPPlanetary Data Access Protocol (US NASA)
PDAPPortable Data Acquisition Package
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We performed Z-scan on pure PVA, pure PDAP, and PVA/PDAP composites to validate that the nonlinearity is due to PDAP only.
These changes suggest a strong interaction between PDAP and PVA resulting in formation of a charge transfer complex (CTC).
These changes may be attributed to the hydrogen bonding between O--H groups of PVA with different groups of PDAP and formation of CTC (20) as seen in FTIR results.
The intramolecular charge transfer between pyrazoline group and aryl group attached to pyrazoline ring in the excited state and formation of CTC between PVA and PDAP causes the fluorescence (26).
3)] values of pyrazoline-doped PVA film with PDAP concentration 0.
But no appreciable change is observed with the increase of concentration of PDAP in PVA.
Sarah Ward, Direct Energy Employee and PDAP Supporter,
Jean McMillan, Executive Director of Palmer Drug Abuse Program Direct Energy Supporters, and PDAP Staff, Youth, and Families
We were looking for an easy and fast way to get accurate data from our remote regional offices to ensure that project members could be informed of the project status in almost real time," said Patrick Kalout, web design and development specialist, PDAP project, Chemonics International.
Using CorVu's performance management application, PDAP manages and monitors the performance of its infrastructure projects, productive projects, statistics on the coca leaf eradication process, financial and administrative tasks, human resources, environment management, communication strategy management and security management.
The PDAP results give colleges and universities a means to assess their own education programming strengths and weaknesses, helping to identify gaps or best practices in education, training and curriculum, and provide the Department of Education a useful tool in their five-year evaluation of the teacher preparation programs.
PDAP is offering AurionGold a combination of shares and cash.