PDAPPalmer Drug Abuse Program (Houston, TX)
PDAPProspero Data Access Protocol
PDAPPersonal Digital Assistant Profile
PDAPPhilippine Development Assistance Programme
PDAPPlanetary Data Access Protocol (US NASA)
PDAPPortable Data Acquisition Package
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Caption: PDAP equips RMCAO member producers and their contractor customers to detail initial and life cycle costs for new concrete pavement and concrete overlay proposals.
We performed Z-scan on pure PVA, pure PDAP, and PVA/PDAP composites to validate that the nonlinearity is due to PDAP only.
These changes suggest a strong interaction between PDAP and PVA resulting in formation of a charge transfer complex (CTC).
PVA PDAP PVA + Peak assignment PDAP 3416 3332 3429-3442 O-H/N-H stretching -- 3073 -- =C-H stretch(aro) 2922 2882 2898-2932 C-H asymmetric stretch(alky) 2838 2805 2838-2842 C-H symmetric stretch(alky) 1728 -- 1733-1753 C=O stretch(s) 1640 1678 1642-1646 C=C/C=N stretch 1425 1440 1443-1464 =C-H bend methyl 1382 1324 -- C-H def (m) 1089 -- 1090-1092 C-O stretch, C-H and O-H bend 794 937 -- =C-H def (aromatic) -- 852 -- =C-H def (aromatic) -- 814 -- =C-H def (aromatic) 467 -- 476-485 Out of plane vibrations
These changes may be attributed to the hydrogen bonding between O--H groups of PVA with different groups of PDAP and formation of CTC (20) as seen in FTIR results.
The intramolecular charge transfer between pyrazoline group and aryl group attached to pyrazoline ring in the excited state and formation of CTC between PVA and PDAP causes the fluorescence (26).
3)] values of pyrazoline-doped PVA film with PDAP concentration 0.
But no appreciable change is observed with the increase of concentration of PDAP in PVA.
All correlations produced by PDAP yielded similar, high correlations for this relationship (Table 2).
Peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis (PDAP) is a problem in patients with renal disease; current therapy for PDAP typically includes cefazolin, or vancomycin where bacterial resistance is present.
Ruby Tuason, former social secretary of former President and current Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada, arrived from the United States early Friday morning to tell authorities about her knowledge on the P10-billion PDAP or pork barrel scam.