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PDEPennsylvania Department of Education
PDEPartial Differential Equation
PDEPlug-In Development Environment
PDEPulse Detonation Engine
PDEParamount Digital Entertainment
PDEPlataforma en Defensa de l'Ebre (Catalan: Platform for the Defence of the River Ebre)
PDEPersonal Digital Entertainment
PDEPrescription Drug Event
PDEProduct Data Exchange
PDEPresent-Day English
PDEPosition Determining Entity
PDEPhoton Detection Efficiency
PDEPlataforma en Defensa del Ebro (Spanish: Platform for the Defence of the River Ebre)
PDEProject Development Engineer
PDEPortable Electronic Device
PDEProduct Design Engineer
PDEPyridoxine-Dependent Epilepsy
PDEPrimary Designated Engineer
PDEProcess Development Engineer
PDEPrimark Decision Economics
PDEProduction Estimate
PDEPotential Daily Exposure
PDEPhiladelphia Drug Exchange
PDEProjected Operational Environment
PDEPropagation Delay Estimation
PDEPreliminary Determination of Epicenter(s) (USGS)
PDEPaddle Drive Electronics
PDEProject/Program Director, Electronics
PDEPreliminary Data Element
PDEPermission Display Engine
PDEPredictive Density Estimation
PDEProcessing Development Environment (software)
PDEPersonal Development Education
PDEProfessional Development Event
PDEPurely Domestic Enterprise (finance)
PDEPrimary Developmental Education (US Air Force)
PDEPlanning, Decision, and Execution
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The PDE is the first and only diamond exchange in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Inhibition of PDE activity contributed to more sustained cAMP responses in both subcellular compartments (Fig.
Each solution x: N [right arrow] M of the nonlinear and non-homogeneous PDE system (2.
PDE is the traditional operative method for patients with ampullary adenocarcinoma.
When cGMP levels rise sufficiently, PDE enzymes interact with the molecule to convert it into GMP thereby blocking the actions of cGMP.
These reports prompted us to study the influence of the beverage on enzymatic activities of PDE 4 and PDE 5A.
Creative's new PDE Internet Solutions category is comprised of Internet devices, Internet applications and Internet services.
Recently, we estimated the change in 1997 fourth quarter real PDE to be 0.
MedImpact's PDE acceptance rate has been higher than the industry average annually since the program's inception.
PDE initiated the process by accepting Letters of Intent from qualified early education providers.
Provide training to PDE staff and LEAs as required.