PDGFRLPlatelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor-Like (Antibodies)
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In contrast, 18 cytokines genes (BMPER, CCL19, CCL20, CCL4, CXCL14, IFNB, IL-12A, IL-17B, IL-17D, IL-17F, IL-19, IL-22, IL-26, IL-7, LIF, NLRC3, TGFA, and VEGFA) and 14 receptor genes (CXCR3, IFITM5, IL-13RA1, IL-17RC, IL-1RAPL2, IL-22RA1, IL-22RA2, ILDR1, LILRA5, LTBP2, PDGFD, PDGFRL, TNFRSF14, and TNFRSF6B) were markedly downregulated by 2.
2 KIT V-kit H-Z 4 feline sarcoma viral 4q12 oncogene homolog PDGFRL Platelet-derived growth factor 8p22 receptor-like WISP1 WNT1 inducible signaling pathway 8q24.