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PDQParallel Data Query
PDQPretty Damn Quick
PDQPretty Darn Quick
PDQPosition Description Questionnaire (various organizations)
PDQPrint, Don't Queue
PDQProduction Drilling Quarters (oil production)
PDQPrescreening Developmental Questionnaire
PDQPetticoat Discipline Quarterly (website)
PDQPas de Quoi (French: you're welcome; it was nothing)
PDQPrice, Dependability, Quality
PDQPolynomial Differential Quadrature
PDQPennies, Dimes, Quarters
PDQPre-Defined Qualities
PDQPositive Quadrant Dependence
PDQPiecewise Differentiable Quadratic
PDQPerfect Dark Headquarters
PDQPosition Description Quick
PDQParkinson's Disease Questionnaire
PDQProfessional Development Qualification (social workers)
PDQPeeled, Deveined and Quick Frozen (shrimp)
PDQPersonal Data Questionnaire
PDQPretty Dumb Question
PDQParts Delivered Quickly (automotive parts delivery program)
PDQPhysician Data Query
PDQPolicy Data Query (insurance)
PDQProcess Data Quickly (credit card terminal)
PDQPlease Do Quickly
PDQPre-Defined Query
PDQProduct Data Quality (supply chain management)
PDQPermanently Disqualified (for military service)
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PDQ also gives users the ability to send secured transmissions, text, phone calls, files, pictures and videos when there is No SIM card or Internet.
PDQ management hopes to increase that to l0 or l5 cents, but so long as expenses can be reduced in a business, expense reduction will have far greater impact on the bottom line.
Salkindas well as PDQ will help you understand what these data mean.
Additionally, the mean scores on the subsequent exams increased for students using PDQs compared to the previous cohort of students prior to PDQ implementation (Figures 2 and 3).
She accused PDQ of trying to "wriggle out of their responsibility" and told Gammans: "Quite frankly, I found you to be a nasty piece of work.
In July, Smith introduced a substitute that dropped proposed changes to injunctive relief standards and eliminated a "second window" for post-grant opposition review, both of which re-appear in the PDQ Act 3.
According to Sullivan, PDQ was designed to help combat the recent growth in mortgage fraud related to illegal property flipping by allowing lenders to detect fraud earlier in the loan process.
Set in a seacoast town "in Spain or Italy or somewhere" at the time of Mozart's "Le nozze de Figaro," the PDQ opera opens at the palace of Count Alma Mater, where Figaro lies gravely ill, attended by his wife, Susanna Susannadanna, her servant, Pecadillo, and a doctor, Al Donfonso.
The PDQ logistics programs work within a robust facility "cluster" arrangement deployed by USCS in strategic geographical areas which provide customers with greater flexibility, diversity and depth of operations.
The team who bought PDQ Engineering from its parent company Washington Envelopes are preparing to plough in more than pounds 250,000.
If we assume that a unit of product PDQ requires one unit of direct material B123 and one unit of direct material A456, then the R/3 system can calculate a standard direct cost that includes material handling costs.
A second Willow Ridge additive is PDQ, a proprietary non-starch masterbatch that simultaneously triggers photodegradation and thermal-oxidative breakdown in PE and PP.