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PDQPretty Damn Quick
PDQPretty Darn Quick
PDQParallel Data Query
PDQPosition Description Questionnaire (various organizations)
PDQPeople Dedicated to Quality (restaurant chain)
PDQPhysician Data Query
PDQParkinson's Disease Questionnaire
PDQProduct Data Quality (supply chain management)
PDQParts Delivered Quickly
PDQProgram Development Queues
PDQProcess Data Quickly (credit card terminal)
PDQPaint Data Query (international automotive paint database; Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
PDQPlease Don't Quit
PDQPermanently Disqualified (for military service)
PDQPersonal Data Questionnaire
PDQPre-Determined Quantity
PDQProduct Displayed Quickly
PDQProfessional Development Qualification (social workers)
PDQPrint, Don't Queue
PDQParts Delivered Quickly (automotive parts delivery program)
PDQProduction Drilling Quarters (oil production)
PDQPre-Defined Query
PDQPeeled, Deveined and Quick Frozen (shrimp)
PDQPretty Dumb Question
PDQPrescreening Developmental Questionnaire
PDQPlease Do Quickly
PDQPolicy Data Query (insurance)
PDQPeople Demand Quality
PDQPhysically Disqualified
PDQPetticoat Discipline Quarterly (website)
PDQPas de Quoi (French: you're welcome; it was nothing)
PDQPrice, Dependability, Quality
PDQPolynomial Differential Quadrature
PDQPennies, Dimes, Quarters
PDQPre-Defined Qualities
PDQPiecewise Differentiable Quadratic
PDQPositive Quadrant Dependence
PDQPerfect Dark Headquarters
PDQPosition Description Quick
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PDQ also promised to patch the authentication bypass that allowed the researchers to access the server.
PDQ Specialist Couriers recently won the title of TCS&D Refrigerated Courier 2015 for which they were proud to supply no less than 25 testimonials from extremely satisfied customers.
Larry Fiel, marketing director at PDQ Signature Solutions said, A key component of our all-inclusive PCI-in-a-Box solution for PCI DSS compliance and data security for a merchants entire environment is the isolation of our POS from all EMV transaction flow.
PDQ also gives users the ability to send secured transmissions, text, phone calls, files, pictures and videos when there is No SIM card or Internet.
PDQ management hopes to increase that to l0 or l5 cents, but so long as expenses can be reduced in a business, expense reduction will have far greater impact on the bottom line.
Salkindas well as PDQ will help you understand what these data mean.
Additionally, the mean scores on the subsequent exams increased for students using PDQs compared to the previous cohort of students prior to PDQ implementation (Figures 2 and 3).
PDQ Mobility was shut down by the courts owing over pounds 800,000, but it resurfaced as PDQ International.
Following a series of hearings conducted by the House Judiciary/Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet & Intellectual Property establishing the need for patent reform, the PDQ Act is a "narrowly tailored bill to address some of the more urgent issues," according to a statement released by Berman.
In this study, investigators used baseline data from 49 MS subjects participating in a clinical trial to evaluate the correlation of the PDQ with two cognitive impairment measures (Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test and California Verbal Learning Test, 2nd edition) and with a depression measure (Beck Depression Inventory-Amended).
The chorale will perform selections from ``A PDQ Bach Christmas,'' and ``A Musicological Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas,'' where for each day of Christmas, composer Craig Courtney has cleverly a different musical style, from Gregorian chant to John Philip Sousa.
As early as 1969, the founders of PDQ PLASTICS INC.