PDRDProcurement Data Requirements Document (Boeing)
PDRDPlant Directed Research and Development (US Department of Energy)
PDRDPernod Ricard
PDRDProgram Definition and Requirements Document
PDRDProduct Delivery Record Discrepancy
PDRDParkinson's Disease and Related Disorders
PDRDPartial Differential REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Deprivation
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We chose four infectious diseases for comparison between PDRD searches and NIDR laboratory reports: tularemia, ICD-10 A21, caused by Francisella tularensis; epidemic nephropathy, ICD-10 A98.
We compared distributions of PDRD searches and NIDR laboratory reports by disease and month for 1995.
PDRD had 477 subscribers in 1995: 48% of the users returned 306 log files on 15,267 searches; 23,083 specific guidelines were read.
The distributions of PDRD readings and laboratory-reported cases of the four infectious diseases fell into two patterns (Figure).
Access through the Internet to databases such as the PDRD provides an opportunity to monitor the searches for specific topics.