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PDWPackage and Deployment Wizard (Visual Basic 6.0 tool)
PDWPersonal Defense Weapon
PDWPlatelet Distribution Width
PDWPhysical Damage Waiver
PDWProject Definition Workshop (Project Management)
PDWPower Drive Woofer
PDWProcurement, Defense Wide
PDWPackaged Drinking Water
PDWPersonal Data Warehouse
PDWPhosphate Development Works
PDWProposal Development Worksheet
PDWPennsylvania Department of Welfare
PDWPump, Deionized Water
PDWPer Discussion With
PDWPulse Descriptive Word
PDWProcurement Data Warehouse (Australia)
PDWProgram Development Workstation
PDWProgram Director, Warfare
PDWProduct Development Web
PDWPrairie Dogs of War (airsoft team; Canada)
PDWPrestige Dawning Wheels
PDWParallel Data Warehouse (Microsoft)
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The platelet parameters platelet count (PLT), MPV, PDW and PCT were measured by automated cell counter Beckman Coulter LH780.
It is a much more capable system at distance than, say, a 9x19mm MP5K PDW.
Three of each contour style is sized: PDW length is 8 inches; carbine length is 10 1/2 inches; and rifle length measures 13 1/2 inches.
It was found that the MPV and PDW values were higher in patients with sepsis compared to the patients who did not have sepsis and these indices might be helpful indices in predicting survival in sepsis (7, 8).
PDW and P-LCR were analyzed from a histogram of platelet size distribution.
sup][8] In addition, in patients with cirrhosis and ascites, elevated PDW and MPV were accurate diagnostic predictors for ascitic fluid infection.
PDW Index values outside of these cut-offs correctly classified 60% of patients.
When using Mellanox's RDMA-based InfiniBand interconnect solutions with Windows Server 2012 in-box support, Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 PDW customers will achieve outstanding application performance and business benefits.
By extending our current SQL Server 2012 business intelligence implementation to include SQL Server PDW, we've enhanced our self-service data portal to accommodate these large data sets, as well as daily point-of-sale data, which provides on-demand results from our clients' sales and marketing efforts.
Using a new data processing engine called PolyBase, this version of PDW will be able to run queries against both relational data and non-relational data managed by Apache Hadoop.
In the late 1980s there was a failed attempt to make a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) based on a fully automatic 1911 in .
This article describes the PDW concept and its applicability to our own military police training construct and provides insight into the value of the PDW concept from a British officer's perspective.