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PDWPackage and Deployment Wizard (Visual Basic 6.0 tool)
PDWPersonal Defense Weapon
PDWPlatelet Distribution Width
PDWPhysical Damage Waiver
PDWProject Definition Workshop (Project Management)
PDWPower Drive Woofer
PDWProcurement, Defense Wide
PDWPackaged Drinking Water
PDWPersonal Data Warehouse
PDWPhosphate Development Works
PDWProposal Development Worksheet
PDWPennsylvania Department of Welfare
PDWPump, Deionized Water
PDWPer Discussion With
PDWPulse Descriptive Word
PDWProcurement Data Warehouse (Australia)
PDWProgram Development Workstation
PDWProgram Director, Warfare
PDWProduct Development Web
PDWPrairie Dogs of War (airsoft team; Canada)
PDWPrestige Dawning Wheels
PDWParallel Data Warehouse (Microsoft)
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When using Mellanox's RDMA-based InfiniBand interconnect solutions with Windows Server 2012 in-box support, Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 PDW customers will achieve outstanding application performance and business benefits.
Finally, laboratories can use the MPV, along with the PDW and platelet count, to write decision rules where cases likely to have platelet clumps or giant platelets are reviewed even when a standard instrument flag is not raised.
As the name suggests, the PDW event was conducted primarily over the course of one week; however, personnel who were unable to participate during the designated week were allowed to take part at a later date.
2 Evidence Collected By Sworn statement from DA Form 2823 eyewitness #1 Potential admission Email from suspect by suspect to company 1SG Sworn statement from DA Form 2823 eyewitness #2, potential accomplice Company PDW log, Excel[R] signed by suspect, spreadsheet, JOing serial number maintained by BN and model of weapon S-2 Collected On Issues During witness Witness is interview on 14 Aug reluctant to get 09 involved because he works for suspect Forwarded From 1SG Why didn't to me on 15 Aug 09 15G come forward earlier?
The van's production monitor wall are composed of 21 units of Sony's LMD-2451 monitors, and recording and playback are done using three Sony HDW-M2000P units, three units of PDW HD1500s as well as an EVS broadcast server and an EVS IP Director.
Barker DJP, Osmond C, Winter PDW, Margetts B, Simmonds.
At the time David Witham, the director of PDW, said: "We had found many clients trying to get advice about pensions and investments so this seemed a natural step to take.
Michelle then joined her dad's company PDW Driving School as an instructor.
12) "Woody Sez: A New Columnist Introduces Himself," PDW, 12 May 1939, 4.
This improved PDW capability includes focus in two areas--compact carbines and pistols.