PEADPolietileno de Alta Densidade (Portugese: high density polyethylene)
PEADPost-Earnings-Announcement Drift (profitability; risk assessment)
PEADProduct Environmental Aspects Declaration (Japan)
PEADPresidential Emergency Action Document
PEADPharyngeal Esophageal Airway Device
PEADParticipant and Employer Appeals Department (PBGC)
PEADProduct Environmental Attributes Declaration
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Addressing the occasion, Sameena Imtiaz, Executive Director of PEAD Foundation said
Speaking at the ceremony, Executive Director PEAD, Sameena Imtiaz said that this ceremony does not mark the completion of a project, but the commencement of a collaboration between parents and teachers for
On the occasion PEAD senior coordinator, Shagufta Khaliq said that more visits are planned in the coming days to develop understanding between various faith people especially students, so that they may effectively contribute in the process of peace building.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms Shagufta of PEAD Foundation lauded the hard work done by the students, community members and the school administrations.
In her opening remarks, PEAD Executive Director Sameena Imtiaz said that WPBN is opened for all women parliamentarian, district members and women from different walks of life at provincial and national level.
Addressing the occasion PEAD project coordinator Shagufta Khaliq said that the purpose of the gathering was to promote interfaith harmony in the region and convey the message that we are Hindu nor Muslims nor Christian, we are human being first.
Addressing the occasion PEAD executive director Sameena Imtiaz said that Madrassa students have immense talent, however they lack proper opportunities.
He appreciated the initiative of PEAD, UNICEF and other organizations assisting the department of E and SE to develop a system of education with essential components for the complete mental and physical nourishment of child.
Noor Mahal appreciated the event and said the project is helping the deprived class of the society as none of the government or non-government organization ever took interest in religious seminaries and had never did anything for betterment of the madrassa students, it is the first time that PEAD worked with us.
Earlier students also visited a Gurdwara in Dabgari, which was arranged by PEAD Foundation under its project Women Peace Building Network (WPBN).
Most casualties in the natural disasters have been reported to occur in school and madrassa, thus the school and madrassa safety is indispensible', Tariq Hayat, Program Manager PEAD told during the session.
She expressed these views while presiding over a meeting on the issues of minorities held here under the auspices of PEAD Foundation here in her chamber in the provincial assembly.