PEBLOPhysical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer
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When analyzing RTD rates in general, only 2 percent of all servicemembers with amputation, regardless of service branch, were declared Fit and another 11 percent were declared COAD by the PEBLO.
The mean disability rating was very similar across all branches of service, and over 56 percent of all servicemembers with amputation were determined to have a disability rating of 80 or greater, signifying that the PEBLO found them to be fully disabled [8].
demonstrated when looking at the overall disability of 456 injured servicemembers who underwent PEBLO evaluation between 2001 and 2005: orthopedic injuries drive the disability of injured servicemembers [11].
The outcome data used in this study are relatively short-term since they only represent a servicemember's function at the point at which a decision was made on his or her status by the PEBLO (which may be months or years after their initial injury).
While the PEBLO results provide an assessment of military-specific outcomes with regard to RTD and conditions that preclude return to Active Duty status, each branch of service (Army, Air Force, and Navy/Marines) has slightly different policies regarding the designation of a disability percentage and use of disability payments.
They have a lawyer (medical evaluation board outreach counselor), ombudsman, PEBLO (and) MSC (military service coordinator) on their side," explained Mark Rivera, a supervisory PEBLO at Irwin Army Community Hospital in Fort Riley, Kan.
IDES has increased their trust in their PEBLO and the Army.
Through IDES, trained PEBLOs, military service coordinators for the VA, medical evaluation board providers and other professionals work together to assist Soldiers going through the disability process.
Regular communication between VA military service coordinators, Army PEBLOs and the Soldiers they assist is a key feature of IDES.
The former Soldier, with more than 10 years of experience in physical disability evaluation, currently serves as a PDES consultant and provides support to PEBLOs for the Northern Regional Medical Command.
As an alternative, the Soldier's PEBLO may submit a statement that the Soldier was counseled and declined to request a COAD or COAR.
PEBLOs are available to provide counseling to Warriors in Transition from the time they are referred for MEB processing through the time they are separated from military service.