PEBPPublic Employees' Benefits Program (Carson City, NV)
PEBPProphylactic Epidural Blood Patch
PEBPPolyomavirus Enhancer Binding Protein
PEBPPeculiar Estrogen-Binding Protein
PEBPPromoting Evidence Based Practice (medical research)
PEBPPosterior Episcleral Buckle Procedure
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In addition, although the mean mRNA levels of the PEBP gene and ATP synthase F0 gene were slightly higher in high-marbled individuals than in low-marbled individuals, the difference in the expression of these two genes was not significant.
Identification and characterization of PEBP as a calpain substrate.
We anticipate that our services will provide the State of Nevada PEBP employees and their dependents the care necessary to identify illness, gain a higher level of individual treatment, education and outreach, while at the same time reducing costs.