PECARNPediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (Utah)
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Comparison of PECARN, CATCH, and CHALICE rules for children with minor head injury: a prospective cohort study.
The PECARN rules should guide, rather than dictate, clinical decision making.
The PECARN decision rules should simplify head trauma assessment in children.
In developing the clinical prediction rule, the PECARN investigators have "impressively derived and validated a high-quality and well-performing clinical prediction rule" that meets the need to predict whether a child with a head injury needs to have a CT scan, Dr.
The deficit is compounded by the fact that much of the knowledge regarding disaster medical management and care of mass casualties comes from the military experience (Gorelick, 2003; Moody-Williams, Linzer, Stern, Wilkinson, & Athey, 1999; PECARN, 2003; Seidel & Henderson, 1991; Seidel & Gausche-Hill, 2001; Surpure, 1991).