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Cole Would eliminate PECF and transfer balance to the general fund of the U.
Amounts currently in the PECF could be used for other purposes.
94 Cole -- Would eliminate Committee on PECF convention House funding Administration markup held; bill ordered reported favorably 06/04/2013 (voice vote); reported 12/12/2013 (H.
These developments, combined with declining PECF balances due to low levels of taxpayer participation (discussed above), have placed the public financing program's future viability in doubt.
Treasury Financial Management Service's (FMS) report on the financial status of the PECF, provided to CRS by FMS.
94) In the case of a contribution to a publicly financed presidential candidate in the primary, contributions from parties or PACs would not be eligible for PECF matching funds.
restructure the PECF would have matched small contributions at 400% or
However, this approach assumes that sufficient funds would be available in the PECF to cover the additional match.
Contents Introduction Convention Financing: An Overview Federal Funds Nonfederal Funds Recent Legislative Activity Legislation that Would Affect PECF Convention Funding Policy Issues and Options PECF Convention Funding Maintaining the Status Quo Options that Could Increase or Decrease Federal Convention Funding Security Funds Maintaining the Status Quo Options that Could Increase or Decrease Federal Convention Security Funding Conclusion
4) Qualifying convention committees are not obligated to accept PECF funds, but doing so is standard practice.
Under federal law, PECF convention grants must first be reserved before other elements of presidential public funding can be distributed.
6 million--combining PECF grants and security expenditures--to support the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions.