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PECIPortland Energy Conservation, Inc. (Portland, Oregon)
PECIPlatform Environment Control Interface
PECIProductivity Enhancing Capital Investment
PECIProductivity Enhancement Capital Investment
PECIProduct Exceeds Customer's Intelligence
PECIPreliminary Equipment/Electronic Component Index
PECIPerry Correctional Institution (South Carolina Department of Corrections)
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Student Misbehaviors in Physical Education: A short-form version of the PECI (PECI-S; Krech et al.
Planning means setting goals and developing strategies and actions to achieve them, organization means determining what should be done, how it should be done and who should do it, managing, on the other hand, implies to lead and motivate members of the organization and, ultimately, control involves monitoring performance to ensure that goals are achieved (Sobral & Peci, 2008).
venovat zvlastni peci detem z rodin v hmotne nouzi, nebo ohrozene socialni exkluzi, s cilem zabranit moznemu nezadoucimu vyvoji jejich zivotu.
Portland, Oregon-based PECI engages in the design and management of energy efficiency programmes for utility providers, government organisations and a range of other clients.
Na realidade, segundo Sobral e Peci (2008) o processo decisorio racional e um modelo normativo, o qual nao descreve como as decisoes sao tomadas, mas sim como deveriam ser tomadas.
EMC - Remedies - Examples from our Practical Experience (live demonstration) - Afrim Peci, Josef Bauer, SGS Germany GmbH.
Acknowledgements: The authors thank Adriana Peci and Jonathan Gubbay for assistance in providing aggregate laboratory testing data and necessary interpretation; participating public health units, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Public Health Agency of Canada for providing syndromic data; and the study's Advisory Committee for their contributions to the study's methodology and interpretation of results.
Por alli pasaba Peci, profesor de filosofia de la Universita Statale, que habia redescubierto la fenomenologia y hablaba de la inmersion en el objeto y en la realidad objetual y de como la idea ideada podia convertirse en idea operada.
This controller implements up-to-date features, such as Intel PECI, AMD SB-TSI interface, and ErP.
O departamento analisado na empresa estudada e o financeiro, aquele que lida com um dos recursos mais indispensaveis para seu funcionamento: o dinheiro (SOBRAL; PECI, 2008).
A report conducted by PECI (Evaluation of Title 24 Acceptance Testing Enforcement and Effectiveness--September 2011), demonstrates that the Commission's acceptance test requirements are not being properly performed by persons who have not been specifically trained to conduct these assessments.