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PECOTAPlayer Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm (baseball)
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Even as he was working on PECOTA, Silver slid into the world of professional gambling, quickly making his way to the World Series of Poker.
A more critical aspect for those that use PECOTA for forecasting, Goldstein writes that Nate Silver is assisting in getting PECOTA out of the realm of spreadsheets "to a more stable and sharable development environment"
Getting PECOTA more manageable, alone, would have been a major advancement.
These projection systems include Brad Null, (1) Bill James Handbook, (2) CAIRO, (3) CBS, (4) CHONE, (5) ESPN, (6) Hardball Times, (7) Hit Tracker, (8) KFFL, (9) Marcel, (10) Oliver, (11) PECOTA, (12) RotoWorld, (13) and ZIPS.