PECRPressure Equipment Company Register
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It is worth noting that under the last PECR, the award of the winning offers are still pending given the final review by of relevant agencies.
During the fifth PECR, the DOE offered contracts for 11 sites, including Area 7 of Recto Bank, which has an estimated resource potential of 165 million barrels of oil and 10.
In alcohol dependence, GWAS have confirmed the already-known involvement of ALDH2 or the ADH family, and have identified a few additional genes, such as PECR or NKAIN1-SERINC2 (Frank et al.
The roadshows for PECR 5 were held in the Association of American Petroleum Geologists' International Conference and Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey and the Resource Information Unit's Good Oil Conference in Perth, Australia.
The PECR is the Philippine Government's public bidding round for energy projects.
As for the oil and gas segment of the PECR, which is set to be completed next year, six foreign firms have expressed interest in bidding for oil exploration contracts.
The department offered 15 coal areas for exploration and development under PECR 5 as part of the government's drive to develop indigenous energy resources.
According to Philex Petroleum, "SC 75 covers an area of approximately 616,000 hectares in the Northwest Palawan Basin which was referred to as Area 4 in the PECR 4.
As per Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla, We don t know how many blocks will be offered because we are still trying to have inventory of it all but our target is to launch PECR 5 in the first quarter of next year.
Earlier, the Energy department decided to push back the PECR from March to April this year as it studied the energy blocks fit for contracting.
Although the coal and petroleum exploration in the country continues to attract private sector interest as evident in the number of proposals submitted under PECR 4, the Philippines still has a huge resource potential that remained untapped.