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PEDALPerformance, Energetics, and Dynamics of Animal Locomotion
PEDALPower Electronics Development and Application Lab (Purdue University; Indiana)
PEDALPublic Economics Data Analysis Laboratory (McMaster University; Canada)
PEDALParallel Emergent and Distributed Architectures Laboratory (UK)
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The girl who had played the accompaniments sat at the piano and placed a decided foot on the loud pedal.
Of course the boys could charge up it quicker than we could pedal, but I even heard the voice of their stout instructor growing louder through the mist.
His head was down and his shoulders rounded, as he put every ounce of energy that he possessed on to the pedals.
Romantic possibilities of accident lurked in the worn thread of the screw that adjusted the saddle, in the precarious pedals, in the loose-knit chain, in the handle-bars, above all in the brakes and tyres.
Defiantly, with her foot on the loud pedal, she struck--almost slapped--the keys once more.
Often I longed to do something hysterically desperate, to rouse Raffles and bring the street about our ears; once I did bring him about mine by striking a single note on the piano, with the soft pedal down.
Powell as if a pedal had been put down, "only it shall take a little time.
It had evidently been newly tuned and put in apple- pie order, but, perfect as it was, I think the real charm lay in the happiest of all happy faces which leaned over it, as Beth lovingly touched the beautiful black and white keys and pressed the bright pedals.
He found the pedals and tried them, ran his yellow hands up and down the keys a few times, tinkling off scales, then turned to the company.
Come, in due time, organist and bellows-boy, peeping down from the red curtains in the loft, fearlessly flapping dust from books up at that remote elevation, and whisking it from stops and pedals.
The No Reserve pedal car auction will sit alongside the 'Affordable Classics' event where over 100 rare and low-mileage models will go up for grabs from Britain's most revered classic marques.
There are two pedals in the Leaf like in conventional cars, but drivers can only use the accelerator pedal for accelerating and braking.