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PEDFPacific Enterprise Development Facility (est. 1990)
PEDFProtective Equipment Decontamination Facility
PEDFPeptides of Differentiation Factors
PEDFPigment Epithelium-Derived Factor
PEDFPowered Earliest Deadline First (rate scheduling for wireless networks)
PEDFPennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation (Camp Hill, PA)
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Second, PEDF challenged legislation that appropriated up to $50
The cells that secrete PEDF in control animals showed a characteristic branched morphology, with the cells arranging in a self-avoidance pattern which provided good coverage of the capillary wall.
3) years; 71 men and 125 women] who showed no clinical evidence of coronary or peripheral arterial occlusive diseases, we found that serum PEDF concentrations showed a distribution, within the reference interval, of 8 to 24 mg/L [mean (SD)14.
PEDF services include small business training, start-up assistance, referral services, field consulting, business environment analysis, walk-in services, the creation of business plans, and micro credit.
Incluso la PEDF ha proporcionado esperanzas en el tratamiento de tumores alimentados por vasos sanguineos.
In addition to GenVec's PEDF discovery program for the prevention of blindness, the company is developing BIOBYPASS angiogen, a novel gene-based therapy that induces the formation of new blood vessels in the heart and other areas affected by inadequate blood flow.
EMI established PEDF (Philippine Enterprise Development Foundation), a non profit technical assistance organization that the author helped create in 1990 in Metro Manila, as a joint effort by Filipino and American associates.
PEDF suppresses fatty acid and triglyceride accumulation and blocks new vessel growth called angiogenesis in the tumor.
The RPE secretes PEDF on the apical side; in contrast, the angiogenic factor vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is secreted on the basolateral side to maintain fenestration of the choriocapillaris.
Now, the research team, led by Associate Professor Matthew Watt, discovered that fat cells release a novel protein called PEDF (pigment epithelium-derived factor), which triggers a chain of events and interactions that lead to development of Type 2 diabetes.
All four inflammatory factors were significantly higher and PEDF significantly lower in the vitreous of in patients with DME compared with the two other patient groups.