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PEDSProtein Engineering, Design and Selection (Oxford Journals)
PEDSPower Electronics and Drive Systems (International Conference)
PEDSPedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety
PEDSPortable Emergency Data System (US FEMA)
PEDSPlanning, Programming, Budget, and Execution Electronic Delivery System
PEDSProcessing, Exploitation, and Dissemination System
PEDSPlanning and Economic Development Services
PEDSProgram Element Descriptive Summary
PEDSProtective Equipment Decontamination Section
PEDSPower-Efficient Design Space
PEDSProgram Evaluation & Decision Summary
PEDSPassive Electro-magnetic Detection System (US Navy)
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The purpose of the pilot project was to explore whether the PEDS tool was:
In preparation for the pilot project, the project lead was supported by the deputy professional lead to present PEDS to the health visiting team in the SSLP area.
The use of the Brigance as a secondary developmental screen increases the specificity of the PEDS to over 82% (Glascoe 1998).
Using the PEDS and Brigance, an early years intersectoral framework was established (see figure 1).
The survey was repeated after PEDS had been in place for about 4 months.
The study found that practitioners' perceptions of the time needed for PEDS, their confidence in using it, and their knowledge about its results all improved after implementation of the program.
In this study, the PEDS screening tool did not appear to be a good substitute for the M-CHAT when screening specifically for autism spectrum disorders in a general pediatric practice in an urban setting, Dr.
The children who score as having concerns on the PEDS but not on the M-CHAT may be at risk for other delays or disabilities.
PEDS is a patented and patent-pending technology that encapsulates matter, such as pigments, dyes and pharmaceuticals in a biocompatible microscopic polymer bead.
The scalable PEDS technology platform utilizes three methods of encapsulation: single-emulsion solvent evaporation, double-emulsion solvent evaporation, and spray dry solvent evaporation.
In an era of increased accountability to both the public and the California legislature for education and social services programs, PEDS provides information vital to the creation of better policies, stronger programs, and better systems of care for young children and their families," said Mary Wagner, director of SRI's Center for Education and Human Services.
PEDS is expected to benefit the funded programs in a variety of ways.