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PEEKPartners Early Experience Kit
PEEKPerceptions, Expectations, Emotions and Knowledge (college assessment tool)
PEEKPrinceton Engineering Education for Kids (Princeton, NJ)
PEEKPortable Electrical Equipment Kit (International Space Station; US NASA)
PEEKPeabody Early Experience Kit (education)
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Given the fast-changing economics of healthcare, we developed PEEK Scoria to address growing clinical demand for fusion devices that integrate more effectively with bone at a cost-competitive price point, said Chris Lee, co-founder and CEO of Vertera Spine.
COHERE, featuring surface porous PEEK Scoria, will be the first in a new generation of biomedical implant innovations to meet this demand.
Europe is also the biggest market for PEEK and accounted for a share of more than 35% of the total market size, in terms of volume, in 2015.
The tests performed in patients' homes found that Peek produced results "to a clinical level equivalent to the much larger and more expensive standard electricity-dependent chart, the average difference being the equivalent of less than one line on an eye chart"
Victrex Peek 150CA30 is typically used to replace metals such as aluminium, titanium and stainless steel.
The new grade bridges the performance gap between unfilled PEEK and traditional glass fiber-reinforced or carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK grades, according to Jamal El-Hibri, principal scientist for Solvay Specialty Polymers.
The sneak peek, featuring Donna and Harvey, suggests that Harvey is unaware that Scottie is on her way to Chicago for a disposition, which is a sign of "not on talking terms.
In the present study, we first discussed spinnability of PEEK resin in the presence of GPPS.
Manufacturers and consumers benefit from the use of the new Victrex Peek, because of its ability to satisfy very demanding requirements, delivering consistent long term performance, it added.
KetaSpire KT-820 PEEK provides greater flexibility and elasticity than competitive PEEK grades, according to Davide Polloni, Market Development Manager for ATO.
In contrast to metal, the ion content of Vestakeep Peek is virtually zero, thus preventing shift reactions with the body.
Capable of being processed on conventional thermoplastic equipment, PEEK is a high performance material and has been used as matrix for advanced polymer composites.