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PEEMPhotoemission Electron Microscope
PEEMPhoto-Emission Electron Microscopy
PEEMPanel of Experts on Environmental Management
PEEMPower Electronics and Electric Machines
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12 Major tree species (a) PADI, FOSP, BUHI PADI, FOSR BUHI, OLTE Major shrub species (b) FRPA, LYCI, LATR, LYCI, LATR, JACU, SUMO, SASU VIGE Major understory species PEEM, ARAD, EUPH, PEEM, ARAD, EUPH, (c) DAES, MAEV DASE, MAEV Eigenvalue % variance explained Microhabitat variable C.
We welcome ORNL to the Consortium and look forward to working with the PEEM research center to establish targets and goals for PHEV development and to benchmark those advancements.
This edition focuses on nanoscience, with an emphasis on LEEM (low-energy electron microscopy), PEEM (photoelectron emission microscopy), and related methods.