PEEPiIntrinsic Positive End-Expiratory Pressure
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Sigmelasma peepi and Tyronella siugensis belong to the Wangyuiidae and Tyronellidae, respectively, being the first representatives of these families in the Ordovician of the Baltic region.
Sigmelasma peepi from the topmost Ordovician Porkuni Stage is exteriorly rather similar to Kinnella kielanae (Temple 1965), a characteristic brachiopod of the Hirnantia brachiopod Fauna (Lesperance & Sheehan 1976; Rong 1984; Stott & Jin 2007).
Since transmural PAOP was not measured, the decrease in PAOP could be either the result of a lower PEEPi or an improvement in left ventricular function.