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PEERSProstitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society (Canada)
PEERSPublic Education Employee Retirement System (Missouri)
PEERSPolitics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues
PEERSPublic Education and Enforcement Research Study (transportation safety)
PEERSPatient Experience Evaluation Report System (healthcare measurement)
PEERSPractical Exercises Enriching Relationship Skills
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The landlord of the house holds it from a peer and lets it out in tenements.
Danglars make a speech at the Chamber of Deputies, and at his wife's this evening I shall hear the tragedy of a peer of France.
The king has made him a baron, and can make him a peer, but he cannot make him a gentleman, and the Count of Morcerf is too aristocratic to consent, for the paltry sum of two million francs, to a mesalliance.
A few months later, he was made a peer with the title of Baron Verulam.
He was the greatest judge in the land and a peer of the realm.
There she found Ulysses, peer of Jove in counsel, standing alone.
First he asked Nestor and King Idomeneus, then the two Ajaxes and the son of Tydeus, and sixthly Ulysses, peer of gods in counsel; but Menelaus came of his own accord, for he knew how busy his brother then was.
And those of Dulichium with the sacred Echinean islands, who dwelt beyond the sea off Elis; these were led by Meges, peer of Mars, and the son of valiant Phyleus, dear to Jove, who quarrelled with his father, and went to settle in Dulichium.
My Father was a native of Ireland and an inhabitant of Wales; my Mother was the natural Daughter of a Scotch Peer by an italian Opera-girl--I was born in Spain and received my Education at a Convent in France.
As we approached the little clump of verdure I saw the man come from his tent and with hand-shaded eyes peer intently at us.
To ease the reader's curiosity, therefore, rather than his apprehensions, we proceed to inform him that an Irish peer had arrived very late that evening at the inn, in his way to London.
Sophia was very soon eased of her causeless fright by the entry of the noble peer, who was not only an intimate acquaintance of Mrs Fitzpatrick, but in reality a very particular friend of that lady.