PELSPostgraduate Education Loan Scheme (Australia)
PELSProfessional Engineer and Land Surveyor
PELSProfessional English Language Service (various locations)
PELSPlanning and Evaluation of Library Services (Library Leadership and Management Association)
PELSPeri-Ellipsoid Lymphoid Sheath
PELSPeri-Ellipsoid Lymphocyte Sheath
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PELS estimation may vary among studies depending upon whether the model accounts for interest rate in the market.
The PELS has been found to vary over time (Dennis 1989, 1990).
2014) to quantify the correlations between PELS change and the 12 moderators.
There is no reason to suspect that papers reporting proportionately larger or smaller mean PELS would be more or less likely to be rejected for publication.
For econometric models, 13 studies used linear models to estimate PELS, 8 used log-linear models, 8 applied log-log models, and 2 used all three models to estimate PELS.
Hence, we have attempted to note both scientific significance (magnitude of PELS differences) and statistical significance (P < 0.
There was substantial heterogeneity in the summary size of PELS across studies.
Across studies, a significant variation of PELS within the forest products moderator was observed ([P.
Regarding the geographic region moderator, a large heterogeneity of PELS was found ([P.
Analysis of the PELS variation with respect to the econometric model form moderator showed that the PELS varied greatly among the studies that used different model forms ([P.
The results of the meta-analysis showed that great heterogeneity of PELS within the data type moderator was found ([P.
Results indicated that heterogeneity of PELS was not statistically significant in the ownership moderator ([P.