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PEMPPemberdayaan Ekonomi Masyarakat Pesisir (Indonesian: Economic Empowerment of the Coastal Community)
PEMPPerformance Evaluation Management Plan
PEMPProject Environmental Management Plan (various organizations)
PEMPPerformance and Effectiveness Management Programme (Namibia)
PEMPPhase E Management Plan (European Space Agency)
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Hasta marzo de 2015 luego de diez anos de elaboracion, el PEMP aun no se habia terminado, y muchas irregularidades se han presentado en su necesaria socializacion.
They also employed the monetary and non-monetary models and used the price level and PEMP theoretical framework.
Prior to this acquisition, Pathfinder and PEMP entered into a royalty agreement in relation to the Foum Assaka licence area under which, in certain circumstances, Pathfinder will pay PEMP a 1% royalty of the gross amount recovered by the company from sales of oil and gas from the licence area, which rises to 3% after the recovery of certain costs.