PEMRAPakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Islamabad)
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He further said that High court has issued directives to PEMRA for halting broadcasting of anti-judiciary speeches.
The court also directed secretary of PEMRA to be included in the case as party to the problem.
The petitioner had maintained that Alam did not fulfill the criteria of being the chief of PEMRA, and is misusing his position by pursuing the agenda of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, adding that the judgments of the Supreme Court barred contractual appointments on permanent posts, whereas the appointment of Absar Alam was made as acting chairman of PEMRA.
As the hearing began, the counsel for Chairman PEMRA, Ali Gillani Advocate submitted the documents of Absar Alam's qualification.
PEMRA in its order said the two channels projected "terrorists.
The PEMRA statement added that the authority is making all-out efforts to restore transmissions of the aforementioned channels on a priority basis.
The team investigated from senior officials about the illegal appointment made and misuse of powers during the tenure of former Chairman PEMRA Absar Alam.
The petitioner's counsel Azhar Siddique also opposed the request pleading that the court had sought the required record from the PEMRA on October 6, 2016, while the petition had been pending for over two years.
The scope and area of operations of PEMRA is increasing day by day and currently an approximate number of 250 employees are posted at PEMRA Headquarters in addition to more than 350 posted at 14 Regional Offices as well as Sub Offices across the country.
On regular basis, the honorable bench gets details of the proceedings actions that PEMRA is taking against those culprits involved in maligning the judiciary without any proof.
Pervez Rathore, PEMRA chairman, in his keynote, shed light on the FM radio broadcasting sector in Pakistan.
PEMRA expressed grave concerns over excessive advertisements during TV programmes and glorification of crime and terrorism on TV channels, asking the PBA Chairman to keep in mind interests of the public at large.