PEMSPredictive Emissions Monitoring System
PEMSPortable Emissions Measurement System
PEMSProgram Evaluation and Monitoring System
PEMSPoult Enteritis Mortality Syndrome
PEMSPharmacy Education Management System
PEMSPost-Exercise Muscle Soreness
PEMSParis Evangelical Missionary Society
PEMSPower and Energy Management Solutions
PEMSPre-and Early Modern Studies
PEMSPostal Emergency Management System
PEMSProgrammable Electrical Medical System
PEMSPhysical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual (holistic healing)
PEMSPerformance Effectiveness Management System
PEMSPhoenix Early Music Society (Phoenix, AZ)
PEMSProgrammable Electronic Medical Systems
PEMSProcess Environmental Monitoring System
PEMSProvider Enhanced Management Services (Elwyn)
PEMSPump Efficiency Monitoring System (electrical systems)
PEMSPortable Environmental Monitoring Station (US DOE)
PEMSPorcelain Enamel Metal Substrate (circuitry)
PEMSPremium Energy Management Services (Rancho Cordova, CA)
PEMSPatient Evaluation and Management System (M2S, Inc.)
PEMSProject Estimation and Management System
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PEMS laboratorija vertinama remiantis atliktu tyrimu (Fabijonavicius 2012), kuriame tiesiogiai buvo nagrineta laboratorija.
Eisenmann said: "Because PEMS can be used to monitor numerous emissions sources, the technology gained significant interest in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Even before its publication, it created conflict at the PEMS Morija press.
In 1998 the Library formally adopted a system known as PEMS (Performance Effectiveness Management System).
The final PEMS report released by Emisstar and Capacity marks the successful completion of the grant and project for the TCEQ.
The market for PEMS is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2015 and 2020
Tenders are invited for Providing Dewater pumpset and Water Supply arrangements at Muthalipalayam privu Paraikuli near PEMS School in ward No.
Taip pat is vedinimo irenginio techniniu dokumentu zinoma, kad nominalus PEMS laboratorijos vedinimo irenginio tiekiamojo ventiliatoriaus nasumas yra 1450 [m.
Autore dekoja uz pagalba VGTU Civilines inzinerijos mokslo centro PEMS laboratorijai ir ypac Mindaugui Juciui uz pagalba atliekant si tyrima.
Designed with Tier 1 carrier-grade applications in mind, the Ultra5 chassis features an integral AC and DC option; dual redundant, hot-swappable PEMS or up to four 1600W smart IPMI power supplies for N+1 or N+N redundancy; and 450W/blade power distribution.
The two methods of on-road testing, PEMS and Remote Sensing, are complementary, and both need to be stepped up," Geilen said.
The whole PEMS contains measurement systems for gaseous and particle emissions including sampling devices and necessary devices.