PENCONPennsylvania Energy Consortium
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PowerPortfolio(TM) best suited the energy needs of PENCON and its members and provides them with an efficient, cost-effective energy solution.
Although Direct Energy Business is happy to have assisted PENCON in making the energy decision that was right for it, please note that results such as described above are not guaranteed and will depend upon many factors, including, but not limited to, your company's risk tolerance, profile, and past decisions regarding energy purchases.
As indicated in PENCON PPL Electric Accounts comparison by OnDemand Energy Solutions
We offer PENCON members a fully integrated energy strategy," he said.
PP&L EnergyPlus also announced that it is continuing its financial commitment to the PENCON Foundation, an educational fund for PENCON-member school districts.
To date, PP&L EnergyPlus has contributed about $80,000 to the foundation for scholarships and other educational programs, based on a portion of the annual energy supply revenue PP&L EnergyPlus receives from PENCON school district accounts.
Support of the PENCON Foundation is another way we are able to expand education partnerships and demonstrate our commitment to help school districts meet more than just their energy needs.
PENCON selected PP&L EnergyPlus as the preferred energy and energy services supplier for its members after inviting all qualified suppliers in the state to submit requests for proposals.
PP&L EnergyPlus has been a valuable ally to school districts and municipalities in the move to customer choice," said Jeff Kimball, president and co-founder of PENCON.
Nearly 70 PENCON members who have been in Pennsylvania's customer choice pilot program since the fall of 1997 already have saved more than $650,000 on their energy bills by selecting PP&L EnergyPlus, he noted.