PENRENPentagon Renovation (Pentagon renovation project)
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PENREN intends to use the new contract to build on the Pentagon's existing infrastructure of one petabyte-plus of EMC networked storage and advance its information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy for optimally managing and storing information throughout its useful life, thereby lowering operational costs and improving data availability.
This agreement provides PENREN with access to EMC networked storage products and Fibre Channel switches for its storage area network (SAN), content addressed storage, and network attached storage (NAS).
Using the Balanced Scorecard methodology to drive organizational performance, PENREN selected pbviews as a means of automating the framework, providing clear visualization of goals and better alignment of activities to strategy.
LEGATO worked closely with PENREN to understand our business continuity requirements and delivered a solution that met our specific needs.
In addition to implementing the PENREN solution, storage network subcontractor NetCentrics is using McDATA's internetworking technology and SANavigator software for increased distance connectivity and centralized storage network management in additional projects at the Pentagon.
In addition to providing specific functions, it is equally important to build a successful relationship in order to enhance the efficiency of the PENREN team," said a member of the team.