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PENTPlano Estratégico Nacional do Turismo (Portugese: National Strategic Plan of Tourism)
PENTPhenylethanolamine N-Methyltransferase
PENTPositive Environments, Network of Trainers (California Department of Education)
PENTProgram for the Education of Native Teachers (Manitoba, Canada)
PENTPaleo-Environment and NeoTectonics Lab (National Taiwan University)
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Pent, in his series of tweets, said the male passenger "went berserk", terrifying the other passengers on board.
Recent work indicates that the PENT and SENT specimens have an SIF and constraint/transverse T-stress (coefficient [beta] = [[T([pi]a).
The failure time for the PENT test according to Eq.
Note that the failure time in a manufactured structure is compared with that of the PENT specimen, whose standard state is a slow cooled compression molded plaque.
This result may be due to the extent of transesterification taking place between PET and PENT during melt processing, as explained by Anderson and Zachmann (13).
The takeover of PENT increases the continuum of care MEDNAX presetly renders in the greater San Antonio market with maternal-fetal, pediatric, pediatric hospitalist, newborn nursery and pediatric sub-specialty services, including neonatal, developmental, cardiac, urological, surgical and plastic surgical care.
Tenders are invited for Contract for Pent house sealing arrangement with Supply & Erection of scallop bar with expansion joints at Sub:Pent house, dog house & Countant Chamber, application of sealing membrane at pent house including & application of special grade plastic refractory for Unit-2 (210MW) boiler, during AOH at BTPS.
BA II: gabled component C 2 North and pent roof component C 2 East and the stock roof extension of component D and component D South North following component C 2 East.
Contract notice: Pent estonians including services.
II BM Unit III Boiler - Attending patch-up works in the air ingress area of the pent house and repairing the crown plates/ seal plates around the intersection of various headers in pent house during 2014-15 overhaul Note: Prospective bidders may get the specification FREE OF COST by down loading from TNEB GOVT Website
Groundbreaking Product Line Addresses Pent Up Demand to Tightly Control User Access to Authorized Resources and Contain Malware Outbreaks