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PENTPlano Estratégico Nacional do Turismo (Portugese: National Strategic Plan of Tourism)
PENTPhenylethanolamine N-Methyltransferase
PENTPositive Environments, Network of Trainers (California Department of Education)
PENTProgram for the Education of Native Teachers (Manitoba, Canada)
PENTPaleo-Environment and NeoTectonics Lab (National Taiwan University)
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The resins for the pipes have been called "10k" and"2k," corresponding to their 10,000-hour and 2000-hour PENT resin failure times.
A standard test for measuring R for PE is the PENT test as described in specifications ASTM F1473 and ISO16241.
Mae'r gyfrol yn archwilio grym delwedd y pent re gwledig yn rhai o lyfrau enwocaf Cymru -- yn Gymraeg a Saesneg -- o blwyfi delfrydedig Llanuwchllyn O M, a Rhydcymerau D J Williams, i bent refi hunllefus y ddau Garadog (My People, Caradoc Evans a Un Nos Ola Leuad, Caradog Prichard).
Figure 2 shows the effect of T and S on the failure time of pressurized pipe; Figure 3 is for the PENT test.
To date, bought VWS pent checks and testing project, which in terms of cost and time is considered inefficient.
This result may be due to the extent of transesterification taking place between PET and PENT during melt processing, as explained by Anderson and Zachmann (13).
We have seen pent up demand for prospect demonstrations of our SUT from fleet buyers, and we are now ready to start these.
The seven-story property offers loft style units ranging from studios to three-bedroom, two-bath pent house units with outdoor space.
It makes eminent sense for rural areas and those countries with huge pent up demand for basic telephone services.
II BM Unit III Boiler - Attending patch-up works in the air ingress area of the pent house and repairing the crown plates/ seal plates around the intersection of various headers in pent house during 2014-15 overhaul Note: Prospective bidders may get the specification FREE OF COST by down loading from TNEB GOVT Website
LTSH, ECO, DRUM, Burner corner, Ring header area, Critical pipe lines & Pent house etc.