PEOSHPublic Employees Occupational Safety and Health (New Jersey)
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Although it was not an enforcement project, the fact that it was conducted by a regulatory program (NJDOH PEOSH Program) in conjunction with another regulatory program (NJDOH RTK Program) probably caused more positive results than would have happened if the project had been conducted by a non-regulatory program.
Based on the success of this pilot project, the NJDOH PEOSH Program will continue to use the RTK Surveys to identify hazardous substances to which public employees may be exposed and to conduct similar short-term projects to reduce these exposures.
The author gratefully acknowledges the RTK Program, especially Janet Varan, for computer and clerical assistance; the PEOSH Program, especially Gary Ludwig, for industrial hygiene expertise and support; Michele Kasick for computer assistance, coding, and data entry; and Richard Willinger, Eric Beckhusen, Virginia Brenton, and Carol Lamond for technical reviews of the article.