PEOUPerceived Ease of Use
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For instance, Calisir and Gummusoy (2008) affirmed the construct of PEOU to be a key driver of online banking, with consumers citing that a lower effort expectancy in the usage of such platforms to be more favorable.
For the relationship between PEOU and trust, the meta-analysis showed that in four studies (1,884 participants), the simple mean correlation was significant (r = .
Gefen and Straub argued in 1997 that in accepting the information system, gender differences, social norms and structures has important effects on PU and PEOU.
The results here indicate that, as in other forms of ecommerce, PU and PEOU have an impact on a person's decision to use C2C ecommerce.
a) PEOU mediate the relationship between CSE and PU (CSE [right arrow] PEOU [right arrow] PU)
PEOU is defined as "the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free of effort" (Davis 1989).
PEOU can have impact on a user's belief about PU when using a system [2].
Nevertheless, there are some criticisms of the current TAM research, for instance, still few studies have been conducted to examine relevant factors influencing PU and PEOU (Gefen & Keil, 1998).
PU, PEOU, ATTI, and BI to continue SNSs-based travel knowledge sharing).
TAM has been utilized in many studies and found that PEOU and PU were significantly related to computer usage (Adams 2002; Igbaria et al.