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PEPAPeptidase A
PEPAPerformance Evaluation Process Algebra
PEPAPacific Egg & Poultry Association
PEPAPolyethylene Polyamine
PEPAPhysical Education, Physical Activity (educational program)
PEPAPeople, Equipment, POL, and Ammunition
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The delegation, led by Dr Dushka Hussain Syed, urged the federal minister to play his part in checking environmental degradation in the city by pushing CDA and PEPA and making officials in these government organisations accountable for their roles and duties.
If Pepa gave Pippa the pip she certainly was not showing it.
Stephen O'Hara, chairman of PEPA, said: "We are strongly behind the Green Deal and the significant improvements that it could make to the energy efficiency of the UK's buildings.
The five yam cultivars: Nwaopoko, Pepa, Amula, Danacha and Ezakwukpolo were cut into setts and each sett weighed approximately 100g.
Fusion performance: El Ultimo Tango and Soloists sees Pepa Molino and soloists return for a second show of joyful movement, reinterpreting Argentina's classic dance form through flamenco eyes and ears.
To complete the model we must combine the separate processes using the PEPA cooperation.
SERIAL sex pest PepA Le Pew strolls Paris in a ceaseless search for l'am our.
Dancing in clubs after hours, his flexibility -- hence the nickname -- was noted by DJ Spinderella of the hip hop group Salt 'N Pepa.
This yearOs Gumball Rally witnessed a most unlikely pairing I model Caprice, 33, and Pepa, 43, one half of rapper duo Salt OnO Pepa.
Through easy-to-read, relaxed text--two to three sentences per page--and witty, computer-generated illustrations, children are introduced to four town workers: Nestor Tellini is a cook's assistant who has the important duty of peeling potatoes and making sure that all the pots and pans sparkle; Paca Lamar assists her mother, the local fish vendor; Pascual Midon is left in charge of his parents' dry cleaning shop; and Pepa Pas assists her parents, the vegetable vendors.
Scientific advisers at PEPA include Abdel Sattar Othman Nani, who assists Al Gawsi, and M.
Now, he's offering ministerial and fatherly advice to those who seek it, including other rappers like Treach and Pepa (of Salt n' Pepa).