PEPCPlanning, Environment and Public Comment (US NPS)
PEPCPhosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase
PEPCPakistan Environmental Protection Council
PEPCProject Exports Promotion Council (India)
PEPCParker Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Colorado)
PEPCPostsecondary Education Planning Commission
PEPCPan European Portals Conference
PEPCPlasma Electrode Pockels Cell
PEPCPhysical Education Professional Community
PEPCPurdue Electric Power Center
PEPCPennsylvania Education Policy Center
PEPCProtein Expression, Purification and Crystallisation (Laboratory)
PEPCPromotion of Effective Perinatal Care (WHO)
PEPCPetroleum Exploration and Production Center
PEPCPregnancy and Early Parent Counseling
PEpCProcurement, Engineering, procurement and Construction
PEPCPublic Education and Participation Committee
PEPCPublishers Electronic Printings Concepts (Netherlands)
PEPCPretty Efficient Parallel Coulomb-Solver (astrophysics)
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Por otro lado, conviene senalar que en nuestro pais la Psicologia de la Salud se ha realizado a traves de funciones de Enlace e Interconsulta, cuando no en la propia Unidad de Salud Mental, especificamente por PEPC.
The homogenate was passed through four layers of cheese cloth, and filtrate centrifuged at 30,000 g for 30 minutes and the supernatant assayed for enzyme activities of PEPC.
Newspapers-on-demand is a technology that has had only limited success (Scitex and partners went bankrupt trying it), but the PEPC folks are keeping up a steady pace and may eventually make the concept work.
PEPC Worldwide, a European company, based in The Netherlands, has developed an interactive Newspaper Kiosk that digitally prints the latest editions of publisher's newspapers on customer's demand.
4] enzyme PEPC [as demonstrated for Vallisneria spiralis by Helder and van Harmelen (1982)], although detailed studies of C-atom position of the [sup.
Watson, who was a PEPC co-founder, estimates that more than 500 children have attended the preschool since its inception.
He also decided to hold bi-annual meeting of the PEPC to monitor progress and ensure effective implementation of the Councils decisions.
PEPC WORLDWIDE NEWSPAPER KIOSK - PEPC Worldwide, a European company, headquartered in The Netherlands, is a global distributor of digitally transmitted newspapers from newspaper publishers around the world.
The second leg of the PEPC, 2012 and Roadshow will be held on December 13-14 in London, UK.
The Hague - Today the Netherlands based PEPC Worldwide, a global distributor of latest edition national and international newspapers, announced a Strategic Alliance Agreement with WTCA Services, a subsidiary of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), a New York based not-for-profit organisation.