PEPMPartial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (Workshop)
PEPMPartial Evaluation and Semantics-based Program Manipulation
PEPMPer Employee Per Month
PEPMProgram in Economic Policy Management
PEPMPharma Engineering Project Management
PEPMProject Engineering and Planning Manager (US Navy)
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To be comprehensible the PEPM should be readily interpretable by both industry and academia.
Using data collected via the EPMS, the three approaches were used to calculate a PEPM and each PEPM was separately evaluated using the criteria above.
Because the z-scores of raw engineering productivity metrics are not normally distributed, the PEPM developed from the linear combination of such z-scores can be misleading when interpreting project level engineering productivity compared to the grand mean.
After each PBM contestant returns its RFP, eliminate those managers that significantly changed the proposed contract, and have your consulting firm use the remainder of the RFP process to ensure your contract will remain airtight, with the best available PEPM fee and guarantees.
Moreover, as soon as numerous health plans insist upon airtight contract terms during RFPs--and health plans thereby create a competitive marketplace requiring PBMs to win business by providing ever-lower PEPM administrative fees, and ever-better financial and performance guarantees--the entire prescription marketplace will improve.
The target range model features a PEPM fee plus a utilization adjustment fee.
A company with 2,000 employees implements a three-visit EAP with a PEPM fee of $1.
The target range and hybrid models also have the advantage of featuring a low PEPM fee that, in all likelihood, will be less than the PEPM fees submitted by other vendors.
By extending the Workstream TalentCenterONE offering to PeopleSoft customers who are interested in migrating off their old PeopleSoft add-on applications for as little as $1 PEPM, Workstream is making most customers an offer that will be very hard to refuse.
PEPM fees, transaction fees, data capture fees and print fees also were down due to a decrease in the number of covered lives and lower claims volume in some of the company's on-going customers.
With Workstream's On-Demand Pricing, customers can rent individual recruiting, performance management, compensation, rewards and transition application services for a fixed monthly fee, or they can rent the entire Workstream suite for only $4 PEPM.
com anticipates its first year revenue under the agreement to be in the mid -six- figure range with the opportunity to scale upward as Optate grows its installed base and increases the number of employees subject to PEPM fees.