PEPPMPennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers
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The Pennsylvania Department of Education supported PEPPM under the leadership of John Bailey, who was then director of the department's Office of Educational Technology and now serves as director of Educational Technology at the U.
PEPPM started about 30 years ago and has gone national in the past 11 or 12 years, Randecker says, although the CSIU has never confined itself to the four counties that the state department of education charged it to serve.
G-Track has become part of Grace's baseline system, which was a key aspect of their being awarded the aggregated purchasing contract for education and public entities through PEPPM.
offering both E-rate eligible Hosted PBX services (Interconnected VoIP), plus the PEPPM contract for Digium products, providing a single vendor experience to its School and Education clients.
Meeting the specific needs of education and government companies can be challenging and Kaseya's IT automation tools have proven to be ideal for these environments," said Jim Randecker, director at PEPPM.
Agencies that place orders through KCSOS / PEPPM will purchase products at the lowest available price, eliminate the bid process, and expediting procurement through the streamlined and time-saving process compared to soliciting three bids for every purchase," said Paul Kersse, Area Vice President for Xirrus.
By eliminating the formal bid process from the purchasing effort, PEPPM allows local government agencies and educational institutions to purchase important NAC security products directly from Vernier faster and easier than before," said Simon Khalaf, president and chief executive officer for Vernier Networks.
LeftHand Networks(R), a leading provider of complete, integrated IP storage area network (SAN) solutions, has been awarded the PEPPM 2005 Technology Contract for storage area network products.
The PEPPM contract included Manage+ for the first time, and the Company increased its floorplanning financing capacity with GE Capital Distribution Finance two times to handle its increased sales volume, by advancing its funding availability from $33 million to a seasonally-adjusted availability of $75 million.
ePlus continued to sell equipment and services to a broad range of commercial, educational and governmental customers, including multiple educational institutions under the PEPPM contract, AOL, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Silicon Valley Bank, VISA International, City of Raleigh, Food Lion, Martin Marietta Materials, Salomon Smith Barney, U.