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PEPSProgram for Early Parent Support
PEPSPremier Entré Premier Sorti (French: first in first out)
PEPSPrevention Enhancement Protocols System
PEPSPrincess Elizabeth Primary School (Singapore)
PEPSPostsecondary Education Participation System (US Department of Education)
PEPSPark View Primary School (Singapore)
PEPSProjected Entangled-Pair State
PEPSPreferred Equity Participation Securities
PEPSPhotovoltaic Electric Power Systems
PEPSPrimary Environmental Prediction System
PEPSPricing, Engineering and Proposal Software
PEPSProvidence English Private School (United Arab Emirates)
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The effect of PEPS on the cell morphology of the polyurethane foam was studied in comparison with virgin polyurethane foam.
However, from April 6, Peps will follow identical qualifying regulations as ISAs.
But discount brokers usually provide their pick of the PEPs for you to choose from.
Here are four tips from PEP "kiss" experts Chase de Vere (tel: 0800 526 091):
All the money you make in a PEP is tax-free while your pensions are taxed.
You can put more money into PEPs - up to pounds 9000 a year - while in a TESSA, savings are limited to pounds 9000 over five years.
Although six months has lapsed since Peps disappeared as an acquisition within the money market, uprooting your investments in order to seek a new home may not always be needed.
ISAs, like PEPs and TESSAs, will accept shares, unit and investment trusts.
Single company PEPs, as you'd expect, limit you to choosing the shares of just one company at a time - though you can switch from one to another without leaving your PEP shelter.
The club have teamed up with Prudential to launch their very own PEP.
These bond Peps accounted for pounds 293 million of the pounds 1.
F&C's Enterprise fund is not the only investment trust PEP that would have quadrupled your money.