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PEPSProgram for Early Parent Support
PEPSPremier Entré Premier Sorti (French: first in first out)
PEPSPrevention Enhancement Protocols System
PEPSPrincess Elizabeth Primary School (Singapore)
PEPSPostsecondary Education Participation System (US Department of Education)
PEPSPark View Primary School (Singapore)
PEPSProjected Entangled-Pair State
PEPSPreferred Equity Participation Securities
PEPSPhotovoltaic Electric Power Systems
PEPSPrimary Environmental Prediction System
PEPSPricing, Engineering and Proposal Software
PEPSProvidence English Private School (United Arab Emirates)
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A pounds 315 discount on Perpetual PEPs from Financial Discounts Direct (0500 498 477); pounds 330 off Save & Prosper PEPs from Hargreaves Lansdown (0800 138 2424); pounds 300 off Invesco PEPs at The PEP Shop (0115 9825105); pounds 300 off Framlington PEPs at The ISA Shop (01777 839205); pounds 300 off Jupiter PEPs if you buy through Allenbridge Discounts (0800 731 3080); pounds 195 off Fidelity PEPs bought from Chase de Vere (0800 985 9001); and pounds 360 off Abbey Life PEPs from the Complete PEP Guide (0800 018 2148).
DON'T worry about your PEP investments, just give them the "kiss" treatment - which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid.
PEPs give you complete flexibilty in retirement because you can take out as much or as little as you like when you like.
PEPs invest in stocks and shares, so it IS possible that the value of your savings might fall.
Existing Peps can still be actively managed and investment houses remain committed to Pep investors, whilst sheltering funds under the tax-exempt umbrella.
Under the current rules - we'll know for definite on Budget Day - anyone with PEPs and TESSAs can transfer them into an ISA in April next year.
General PEPs invest your cash in the shares of several companies.
Celtic will PEP up their season with the launch of another money- spinning venture.
These bond Peps accounted for pounds 293 million of the pounds 1.
F&C's Enterprise fund is not the only investment trust PEP that would have quadrupled your money.
Make the most of your windfall and put the shares in a PEP - that way all the dividend income and gains you make when you sell them will be TAX FREE.
With PEPs, your money is invested in stock market companies, so there is an element of risk.