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PEPYSProactive Essex Police Youth Strategy (UK)
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The bear pit is long gone but a home was built in 1860 on the site that records his visit called Pepys House, on Park Street.
The other Pepys Road denizens are Polish builde Bogdan, Zimbabwean refugee Quentina and local newsagent Ahmed (Utopia's Adeel Akhtar).
The letter-book text of a letter to Pepys says that when Evelyn is too lame to go out, he can "Reade, and Write" (1110), and the copy Pepys received says "reade and scribbl": we should be told so.
diarist Samuel Pepys " His long career was almost scuppered before it began - by thieves.
SN somehow managed to go from "India" to "developing nations" and then onto "inferior", all in one breath, accusing PEPYS of racism and bigotry based on SN's interpretation, not necessarily PEPYS' intention.
Of course you may be too busy to read the blog, in which case I recommend following Samuel Pepys on Twitter, where once again courtesy of Phil Gyford you will be treated to his diary entries for the day--but this time in bitesize chunks of no more than 160 characters at a time (http://twitter.
Pepys may have used shorthand for privacy; he kept the diary's existence secret from almost everyone and in particular knew that his wife, with whom he had a loving but tempestuous relationship, would not be able to read it.
The year is 1661, the place is London, and the by-any-standard extraordinarily chivalrous writer is Samuel Pepys, nimble naval bureaucrat, enthusiastic theatergoer, and inveterate ladies' man; this entry in his famous diary is made on January 28, and the voice is instantly recognizable: chatty, eager to please, and forever checking out the talent.
There they scrutinise Oliver Cromwell's sleeping cap, a plate from the era of Samuel Pepys and a prisoner of war's crystal radio.
Now, in order to keep things fresh, she has turned to seventeenth-century diarist Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) for inspiration.
Frances Harris, a senior curator of manuscripts at the British Library, was named on Wednesday (26 October) as this year's winner of the Samuel Pepys award for her book Transformations of Love.
A comienzos de agosto de 1689, John Evelyn intento visitar a Samuel Pepys en su casa pero, afortunadamente para nosotros, historiadores, no lo encontro.