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PEPYSProactive Essex Police Youth Strategy (UK)
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The other Pepys Road denizens are Polish builde Bogdan, Zimbabwean refugee Quentina and local newsagent Ahmed (Utopia's Adeel Akhtar).
diarist Samuel Pepys " His long career was almost scuppered before it began - by thieves.
SN somehow managed to go from "India" to "developing nations" and then onto "inferior", all in one breath, accusing PEPYS of racism and bigotry based on SN's interpretation, not necessarily PEPYS' intention.
For a diarist, Pepys had the great advantage of living in interesting times, and his position as secretary to the Navy Board gave him an excellent vantage point from which to observe events.
Those included in the Oxford DNB include Deborah Ashwell, with whom Pepys enjoyed a clandestine affair later discovered by his wife.
While most of the Pepys quotations that Prieto has chosen could conceivably have been written yesterday, a couple, our eyes and my owne jealousy, are dated by archaic spellings.
Mabbott NA, Bruce ME, Bono M, Walport MJ, Pepys MB.
Thus, Samuel Pepys could describe his acts of adultery as his "follies," and his wife was fighting a losing battle when she forced him to write a letter to his paramour denouncing her as a "whore.
Attempting to pour scorn on the Defence Ministry - an easy target - he managed to cock it up by insisting "when Britain's sea power was in its prime, Samuel Pepys ran our Navy almost single-handed".
The attack happened on Friday afternoon when the group approached the youngsters in Pepys Crescent, Llanrumney, Cardiff, and asked if they had a mobile phone.
Samuel Pepys's Diary (1660-1669) is an extraordinary document in many ways, but its most extraordinary aspect is that Pepys seems to have had no model for it.
Yet, fresh from the study of his royal master, Stephen Coote ventures insight into both Samuel Pepys and his diary.