PEQISPostsecondary Education Quick Information System (US Department of Education)
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2) More information about PEQIS may be found at http://nces.
Data source: The NCES Postsecondary Education Quick Information System (PEQIS), "Dual Enrollment Programs and Courses for High School Students," PEQIS 14, 2004.
In contrast to the NPSAS, the PEQIS data provided institutional enrollment estimates of students with disabilities, and these estimates varied by data collection methods.
Given an array of options, PEQIS respondents were asked to identify those services, accommodations and supports that were provided to students during the academic school year.
The accommodations and services reported in PEQIS did not describe the extent to which students with disabilities access these services.
As shown by PEQIS data (Lewis & Farris, 1999), 84 percent of postsecondary institutions required some type of verification of disability for receiving disability support services and 77 percent accepted VR evaluations for eligibility purposes.