PERACPublic Employee Retirement Administration Commission (Massachusetts)
PERACPublic Expenditure Reform Adjustment Credit (World Bank)
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By fiscal 2020, PERAC also projects that the city's estimated cost of retirement benefits will be nearly $69.
Four corporations the NFC, the FCCCL, the SEC and PERAC have an employment elasticity equal to or higher than the one shown in the Survey (1987).
PERAC also has high capital-output ratios for the period under review.
Connarton, director for PERAC, said the decision in Athol had nothing to do with the fiscal health of its pension system.
Chief Anderson said the next step is a closeout audit, which will be conducted by PERAC.
Phillips said PERAC would act on the retirement packet within a month and, if the paperwork is in order, Officer Rojas likely could begin receiving disability retirement payments in December.
Under state law, disability retirees who fail to report their income to PERAC can lose their right to their disability pension.
He stated another proposal is to convert the Hydro Cracker Plant, a joint venture project between PERAC and Sharjah based Crescent Group, into an integrated oil refinery at the cost of $850 million having a capacity of 4.
PERAC, which loosely oversees local funds, commented on the wisdom of conservative pension fund investing in its recently released 2006 Investment Report.
Oil Refinery: PERAC plans to set up a project for oil refinery in Badin area in collaboration with a Korean group.
CRMC) of Qatar and PERAC through a joint venture company NCPL.
The authorised share capital of the refinery company might be increased from time to time enabling the company to issue further shares conforming to the financing plan with mutual understanding of PERAC and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).