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PERIPolitical Economy Research Institute
PERIPublic Entity Risk Institute
PERIPea Ridge National Military Park (US National Park Service)
PERIPharmaceutical Education & Research Institute
PERIPhilippine Eye Research Institute
PERIPublic Employees Retirement Inc.
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PERI is currently developing the Duo for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus; however it is currently polling supporters through email (android@myperi.
The Gold Peri Peri Chicken on Linthorpe Road, and right and below some of the infestation
Peri is providing its formwork services to a number of construction sectors in Qatar, including commercial projects and large-scale transportation structures.
Il s'agissait de la serie d'attaques la plus meurtriere depuis le 8 decembre 2009, quand 127 personnes avaient peri.
Surprisingly for a peri peri chicken restaurant there were a number of vegetarian options, including a beanie burger (pounds 5.
Mohammed Wasim, sales engineer of Al-Rassam motor said that Peri has an edge over similar models produced by Asian countries by way of its competitive price.
Despite the pre-industrial setting and patriarchal society of the novel, McKillip does not depict these roles for the female protagonist, Peri, as traditional gender-defined possibilities.
Generals In The Cabinet Room: How The Military Shapes Israeli Policy by Yoram Peri (Professor of Political Sociology And Communication at Tel Aviv University) forcefully and persuasively argues the premise that while once Israel's military was the servant of its civilian political leadership, today it is the Israeli generals who have the lead in foreign and defense policymaking.
Legacy airlines know their unit costs but guess at unit revenues" says Ronald Peri, CEO and Chairman of Radixx International, which provides ticket-pricing software for airlines.
Peri Jude Radecic was the executive director at the time.
The museum in Peri Rossi's title story is a library of thick, encyclopedic volumes cataloging by year thousands of "useless efforts.
NEW YORK-CHF Industries has just rolled out its first Peri vendor shops at 50 J.
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