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PERLSPrincipal Exchange-Rate-Linked Security (finance)
PERLSPreferred Exchangeable Resettable Listed Shares
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The Principal has a rich history of expertise and dedication to the ESOP community, and My PERLS is one more way The Principal is helping ESOP plan sponsors to ease their fiduciary and administrative burdens," says Dennis Long, vice president, The Principal.
The PERLS VII notes are subordinated, unsecured notes slated to pay quarterly, floating rate distributions that would be 100% franked.
The bank in its statement has revealed that the trading of the PERLS VI is likely to be started on the basis of delayed settlement from Friday noon.
The bank's PERLS which will qualify as tier one capital, have been released after the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) forced them to scrap at least two earlier launch dates.