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PESAPetroleum Exploration Society of Australia
PESAPetroleum Equipment Suppliers Association
PESAPhilosophy of Education Society of Australasia
PESAPersins Enterprise System Architecture
PESAPassive Electronically Steered Array (radar technology)
PESAPanchayat Extension in Scheduled Areas (India)
PESAProvisioning Engineering Support Agency
PESAPer-Cutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
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During the meeting PESA members agreed with the Government's point of view that implementation of NAP was a shared responsibility of all national institutions, while remaining within the ambit of the Constitution.
Founded in 1933, PESA serves as a unifying voice for the energy industry's service, supply and manufacturing organizations.
Together with the change of the Governments however, after PESA was accepted, the status of the administrative bodies which exercised the powers in the area of the physical education and sports was changed.
PESA also urged the Federal and Provincial Governments that they must immediately take steps to put in place adequate and efficient civil administrations in all FATA and PATA areas cleared of terrorists.
PESA has been in contact with the relevant authorities on the scope of assistance.
PESA will continue its efforts to contribute towards security of the Christian community.
As regards the on-going cases against Gen Musharraf (Retd) are concerned, it was noted that PESA had already warned him that on his return to Pakistan, he will have to clear himself from the cases pending against him in various courts.
The PESA members asked the PM to insist upon USA and Afghanistan to prove their verbal assurances by eliminating TTP leadership and its command and control centres from Afghanistan and hand over wanted personnel to Pakistan.
PESA office bearers expressed concern over the on-going anti-Army campaign aiming to destroy integrity and strength of the force that is defending country's geographical and ideological frontiers.
UnWired Buyer Brings More Bids and Offers a New Affiliate Program to PESA Members
Object of the contract (engine, transmission and carriages) should have the ability to mount to each of the ten held by the Employer (MPK Lodz Spolka z oo) tram cars PESA 122n, without making any modifications in the design of the car and its components such as trolley (for the supply of engines and transmission).
PESA has also offered its services to act as facilitator in the present crisis in the best cause of Pakistan.