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PESOSPrepare, Explain, Show, Observe, Supervise (training model)
PESOSPhoto-Electron Spectroscopy of the Outer Shell
PESOSPrinciples of Engineering Service Oriented Systems
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The PESO Santiago City was dubbed as Best Program Implementer of SPES, SRS, Career Guidance Advocacy, and awarded as the 2017 Regional Best PESO for 1st Class Independent Component City category; PESO Penablanca awarded as Best SPES Program Implementer; PESO Abulug for Best Livelihood Program Implementer; PESO Cordon for 2017 Regional Best PESO for 3rd Class Municipal Category; and PESO Tuguegarao City as 2017 Regional BEST PESO for 3rd Class Component City Category.
All these economic agents (or sectors) need to use more pesos to acquire each dollar of foreign exchange they need that is expressed in terms of imports.
En 2015, el gasto publicitario se elevo a 777 millones de pesos, de los cuales 645 millones se ejercieron durante el ultimo cuatrimestre, cuando Nuno llego a la SEP.
All figures are expressed in millions of pesos unless otherwise indicated.
A weaker peso may hurt companies with dollar denominated debts because this will not only increase the peso equivalent of their obligations, but may also result in currency losses.
El inversionista global compra pesos no porque compre Mexico per se, sino porque invierte en reales, rublos, liras, pero se cubre en pesos para facilitar la salida de monedas "menos convertibles".
Un caso especial es el Partido Nueva Alianza, en el que durante 2013 su presidente, Luis Castro Obregon, gano mensualmente 95 mil pesos, menos que la secretaria general del partido, Monica Arrio la Gordillo, quien percibio 119 pesos mensuales, mas que los presidentes del PRI o del PRD.
Segundo MACNEIL (2005), como consequencia, as correlacoes geneticas entre os pesos a desmama com o peso da vaca tendem a ser mais positivas depois de algumas geracoes de selecao para maiores relacoes de peso e, em longo prazo, os ganhos geneticos obtidos com esse tipo de selecao podem tornar-se mais dificeis.
I've got a lot of pesos,'' said Jose Leal, who purchased two large pizzas for himself and his Time Warner Cable colleagues.
As a result, a pilot project has been created in which the dollars the IDB loans to Mexico will be converted to pesos for use by the states without the Mexican government being responsible for any future peso-dollar disparity as the loan is repaid over a 25-year period.
5% of GDP in 2003 or 21 billion pesos to an expected 0.