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PESQPerceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (ITU-T)
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PESQ uses a perceptual model to convert the original and the degraded speech into an internal representation.
From Table II, it can be seen that the output PESQ values of the combined method is comparatively high when compared to the individual HNM and ENMF when used in speech enhancement systems.
The aim of this study was to examine the relative performance of the GAIN-SS, CRAFFT and PESQ among a sample of South African adolescents.
Today, mainly two standards are used for analysing voice quality in mobile networks - PESQ and POLQA.
By converting PESQ MOS to R factor as described in (7), [I.
Sukurtoje balso kokybes vertinimo sistemoje panaudotas PESQ algoritmas.
PESQ, four network delay traces obtained from the Internet links of the testbed are used and are listed in Table 4, showing that the maximum jitter increases from 44 ms to 371 ms.
The current PESQ requirement states that the system under test must achieve a score of 3.
The PESQ incorporates some capabilities that make it a more powerful algorithm, which tests the effects of network elements such as codecs, but also measures end-to-end speech quality.
GLs Voice Quality Testing (VQT) Software simultaneously employs PAMS, PSOM, and PESQ algorithms.
Analysis is provided using GLs Voice Quality Analysis (both POLQA and PESQ supported), Echo Measurement Utility (EMU), Fax Analysis, and Voice Band Analyzer (VBA).
Computation of PESQ is done by equalising the clean signal and the degraded signal to a standard listening level and then passed through the filter.