PESSPsychiatric Emergency Screening Services
PESSPost Enucleation Socket Syndrome
PESSPublic Employees’ Social Security (Colorado)
PESSPower Engineering Services and Solutions (San Jose, CA)
PESSProgrammable Electronic Sub-Systems
PESSProgrammable Escape System Sequencer
PESSPing Estimating Services (Australia)
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PESS demands that PEMRA should perform its duty of checking yellow journalism directed at Pakistan's premier institutions.
Pakistan should boost efforts to forge cordial relations with India as tensions are not in the interests of either side,"said PESS.
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Patients between 17 and 64 years of age were included in the ordinary FESS group, and patients aged 16 years or younger were included in the PESS group.
PESS Private Equity Software and Service Provider Showcase (London) - June 21, 2012 Grange St.
PESS security professionals inform clients about matters pertaining to lodging, ground transportation from the airport, availability of cash, and other important travel details.
Admiral Fasih Bokhari, Vice Admiral Ahmad Tasnim, Lt Gen Karamat, Lt Gen Naeem Akbar, Maj Gen HUK Niazi, Salim Nawaz Gandapur, Major Qaiser Nawaz Gandapur, Brig Riaz Ahmad, Brig Mian Mahmud, Major Farouk Hamid Khan, Maj Babur Zaheeruddin, Brig Simon Sharaf, Brig Masud ul Hassan, Lt Gen Hamid Gul, President of PESS and others attended the meeting.
The venture is funded by the Welsh Assembly through PESS,PE Sports Schools, a network of teachers who have got together to see what they can do to ease the move from primary to secondary school PE.
In developing the Report, PESS actively engaged stakeholders to ensure transparency, better understand emerging issues, and improve year-over-year performance.
Acting President PESS Cdre Farooq Mirza while addressing a meeting said our nation being in grip of sky touching price hike and bad politics /dramas was forgetting its past traditions of historical importance.
For this purpose, it was considered necessary that both, PESA and PESS must join hands to mobilize over two million ex-servicemen and create awareness among the masses.
Office bearers of Pakistan Ex-servicemen Society (PESS) district and tehsils councils participated in the meeting that was presided over by Senior Vice President PESS Major Nasir.