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It is an eco-friendly and dirt-free solution to pest control that helps make homes and establishments safer and rodent-free.
Moreover, another friendly pest Trychograma was also being nurtured at the laboratories.
Uncoordinated action against parts of a pest population can lead to undesirable results, such as an incomplete suppression of the pest and even the resistance of pests against the pesticides used in traditional control methods, said Rui Cardoso Pereira, Head of the Insect Pest Control Section at the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture.
TMC will operate under the Sprague Pest Solutions brand immediately.
All aspects of IPM including pest identification, monitoring, and inspection are focused to be included in the pest control programme designed for modern medical and healthcare facilities.
Most reputable pest control providers offer complimentary and customized staff training.
Increase use of ecologically based integrated pest management programs.
Called 'Pest Control Strategies', the training course covered public health pests in urban and rural environments and emphasised their management and control strategy.
Pests and pest management can have long-term health effects and affect school attendance.
For more information about pest management, e-mail Dr Zia Siddiqi at zsiddiqi@rollins.
New Zealand's history of introduced pests (especially man) has had a devastating impact on biodiversity.