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PETAFLOPOne Quadrillion Floating Point Operations Per Second
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3 petaflops per second, making it the clear leader - for commercial usage - anywhere in the world.
15]) operations per second, or petaflops, equivalent to more than 50,000 desktop computers.
Terms like Teraflops and Petaflops per second may be foreign to the computing most of us do, but this high performance computation is vital to universities and researchers," said Fabio Mandioni, senior sales manager at GE's Digital Energy business.
In the first phase, operations are set to commence in January 2013, and realizing top theoretical peak performance - exceeding one petaflop - is planned for December 2014.
Funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois, the Blue Waters project aimed to build a Power7 processor-based supercomputer capable of a quadrillion floating point operations per second, or a petaflop.
lt;p>IBM delivered the first publicly known petaflop system, the Roadrunner, a $100 million system, last year for Los Alamos National Laboratory.
I hope you will consider many more H PC Webcasts, perhaps dealing with petaflop supercomputing aspects, such as a focus on the DARPA Phase 2 and upcoming Phase 3 winners.
Mellanox Accelerates Half of the World's Petaflop Systems; Delivers Scalable Networking for Next Generation Supercomputers
A petaflop is equal to one thousand trillion calculations per second.
Dawn, the initial delivery system for IBM's 20 Petaflop Sequoia system to Lawrence Livermore National Lab, debuts on the List at number 9.
Each petaflop represents one thousand trillion calculations per second.