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PETALPreliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/Ground Data Link
PETALPersonal Eportfolios for Teaching and Learning (UK)
PETALProgram to Enhance Teaching and Learning (St. John Fisher College; Rochester, NY)
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Her petals are done up close, almost like a dahlia,' the Tiger-lily interrupted: 'not tumbled about anyhow, like yours.
But that's not YOUR fault,' the Rose added kindly: 'you're beginning to fade, you know--and then one can't help one's petals getting a little untidy.
He shook off the few drops of moisture which clung to its petals.
In the huge gilt Venetian lantern, spoil of some Doge's barge, that hung from the ceiling of the great, oak-panelled hall of entrance, lights were still burning from three flickering jets: thin blue petals of flame they seemed, rimmed with white fire.
It does not blow till towards the month of July - you then perceive it gradually open its petals - expand them - fade and die.
Rather than conventional credit scores, Petal developed an alternative technique called cashflow underwriting to establish the creditworthiness of an individual.
Fleur said: "Velvet Petal is about change - how humans change by themselves or through relationships with others.
The dried rose petal fetch huge amount from open market, said Assistant Horticulturist and Incharge of Floriculture Office Fiaz Shah
COLLECT pairs of similar looking petals, flowers or leaves, says the Royal Horticultural Society, and use them to make a set of snap cards to play with.
3 Note: To allow petal edges to fray when washed, do not quilt within 1/4" of any exposed petal edge.
4 Put the first petal on the cone (curve bending outwards) and press down on one side of it.